COVID Safety Concept

These are the cornerstones of our COVID safety concept:
  • At the registration desk, we check for your valid COVID certificate (3G or Vaccinated/Tested/Recovered). Please have your proof ready as you approach the desk.
    See Green Pass for information on the Austrian (European) Green Pass.
    Once you have received your badge from our registration desk, you are cleared to move freely at our conference site. However, this means that you should always have your badge handy.
  • If you are not vaccinated or recovered, you will need to be tested (at least twice for the full conference duration). Free testing opportunities can be found at Salzburg COVID Testing (usually no walk-ins, but it is necessary to make appointments).
  • Also, for possible contact tracing, we need your phone numbers. If you haven't yet provided it with your registration, we will ask you for it at the registration desk.
  • Seat occupation in the lecture halls involves 1,5m distance between seats that may be used. However, no mask necessary. And no worries, the usable seats are already marked, you don't need to bring a yardstick.
  • Our conference reception will be held outside. Let's hope it doesn't start snowing!
  • Please use common sense and your biostatistically informed COVID expertise as you interact with others.
  • We are really happy that we can meet in person again. In light of this, let's not get too frustrated about the comparably small set of limitations and rules that still need to be obeyed. It's good to see you in Salzburg!

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us at